ward stories

real case studies from real people


Human Connection

Dr. Jessica Willis

My friend not my patient

Dr. Mason Habel

Artery sorcery

Dr. Callan Rauchfuss

A different type of code blue

Dr. Rebecca Wolf

This does not have a happy ending

Dr. Melissa Tang

Dyspnoea, in a good way

Dr. Dinesh Palipana OAM

Ticking time

Dr. Emma Kerkow

Lube up

Dr. Vanessa Roberts

An Endearing Reminder

Dr. Bing Jian Chang

Back from the dead

Dr. Jason Wu

Help from unexpected places


His Hallucinations

Dr. Armando Hasudungan Faigl

Things we don’t say or do in medicine anymore

Prof. Leanne Rowe AM

A letter of thanks

Dr. Laura Hamill

“I'm frightened.
I think I'm going to die”

Dr. Konrad Gunter

Drain tubes

Dr. Chris Ip


Prof. Stephen Trumble


A/Prof Jenny Hayes


Dr. Mason Habel

Tales from the bottom end (part one)

Dr. Chris Ip

Santa’s present

Dr. Jenny Schwarz


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We are collecting real stories from real people, those who are on the wards in hospitals everywhere. We believe that these real case studies will help the next generation of health professionals to be better prepared for what is to come. If you would like to help, just submit your story from the ward below and we will get in touch to see if you are happy for us to publish it. This collection is just another tool to help students and doctors be better prepared for what’s to come.

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