Dr Lucy Desmond

founder - Director - writer

Lucy is a doctor, author and speaker who believes in better medicine. Better relationships with patients, more inclusive processes in hospitals and innovative resources for students and doctors alike. After having five medical journal articles accepted for publication in her first year of submitting research, Lucy realised that she wanted to be on the front lines of medical education by creating high-yield beautifully designed infographic textbooks and digital content for medical students. Celebrating the joy of learning and fighting for equality & diversity in medicine are what drives Lucy to pursue the project, called ‘beauty within medicine’.


Luke Piccolo

Co-founder - Marketing - the business

The boring business side of things isn’t boring to Luke at all. He gets to put his sales skillset and business acumen to work, helping the ‘beauty within medicine’ social enterprise make a difference one piece of content at a time. A generalist at heart, he handles anything from accounts to advertising and conferences to copywriting. With a background in Marketing, Negotiation and Entrepreneurship, the team is held in good stead with Luke and Lucy at the top. In fact, the most rewarding part of Luke’s life is his full time role as Lucy’s husband.


Emily Thiang

Designer - layouts - creative genius

If you worked at ‘beauty within medicine’ the most common phrase you would hear would have to be, “What would we do without Em Thiang?” Her incredible design skills, beautiful aesthetic and shared values make her an indispensable part of the team. ‘ET,’ as she is affectionately known, efficiently turns the teams mission and ideas into a beautiful, tangible reality. A true polymath, she also has amazing risograph prints and embroidered art for sale in her shop and can be found sewing at Mei-Li




Emily Stoll

Artist - graphic designer - illustrator

With an Honours in Fine Arts from Deakin, a major in Visual Communications and a Masters in Fashion at RMIT, Em Stoll puts her hand up as the most over-qualified member of the ‘beauty within’ team. Known for her watercolours and passionate about experimenting with all sorts of mediums, you can find her work everywhere from Fitzroy street art to high-end Sleepwear. Emily continues a run of quality work with the beautiful illustrations for the Infographic textbook series that has started the ‘beauty within medicine’ movement.